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He brought it up out of the blue months ago telling me that if it was something I wanted to do he wanted me to be able to do so. It was a one sided offer, he did not ask for the same in return. He could tell that I was wondering if I was missing out on something while being in a committed relationship. So instead of making me feel like I might be trapped in monogamy he gave me some freedom. It wasn’t something I asked for, but I was happy he picked up on my worries. It wasn’t until later that I told him if it was something he interested in I would like for him to be able to do the same.

The worst about adulting: dealing with fucking tupperware.

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Our rules of semi-open

A few of you asked. We can have one time flings with people we won’t regularly be in contact with (so no one at our university,ect), and we need to get the ok from each other before it happens.
We haven’t used our ‘openness’ yet, but even if I was single it’s not like I’d be with different guys all the time away. Both of us could see this going sour, but so far we just have clear and open communication about it. I don’t think it’s something that will end up happening often. And a lot of it depends who this other person is. I would want to make sure they understand and are ok with a onetime thing.

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One of the reasons I don’t wear foundation make up is because my skin color gets so much deeper with even the slightest big of sun light. I would have to have three different shades just to get through a year.

The first photo is from last night, the second from this past winter. The lighting is about the same from my shitty webcam but you can see the difference. The third photo is just from freshman year (summer), right after classes started. I was such I shy little freshman then. 

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I did a thing where I picked colors I like and wear a lot to help me build a capsule wardrobe. So far so good. I just need to do the shopping part…

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Oh, I almost forgot.

O and I are in a open relationship. Kind of. Like semi-open. 

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She has five fingers, but no thumb.

My four year old neice, really second cousin, has full sickle cell anemia. She spends a lot of time in hospitals and constatly in pain. She also has five fingers and no thumb, but that is not relevant. Just like any mother my cousin post pictures and updates of daughter and my family try and give supportive comments. They say they are praying for her and I understand that, but it bothers me so much because people are commenting things like this: “In Jesus name, she will be healed! It has been done. NOW GO and peach of His good and holy name”
No. Staaahp. That is not how the real world works. You’re not helping anyone. Stop stop stop.

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Listening to this girl at the library explain tumblr vs twitter to her friend. “No one really follows or shares their blog with people they really know… I don’t know anyone that I follow, but they are so funny”

Basically everything I have ever questioned about tumblr is true.

This girl has no idea about the world of personal bloggers that exist here! She’s missing out.

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Listen to this girl at the library explain tumblr to her friend. “No one really follows or shares their blog with people they really know… I don’t know anyone that I follow, but they are so funny”

Basically everything I have ever questioned about tumblr is true.

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Tumblr is losing a lot of my messages and post. 

If I didn’t reply I’m sorry just message me again. 

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I miss meat, but not really.

I miss the orange on orange chicken, I miss the crunch of fried chicken strips, I miss the taco seasoning in beef tacos. I don’t miss the actual meat. Just the flavors and added textures that go with it. 

I don’t even like meat. Just the artificial and probably toxic seasonings that go on it. 

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This humidity has me like… #fro #curlyhair #naturallycurly #updosforlife #curlyhairprobs #teambighair


Exploring was not something I allowed myself to do as a Christian. I was a good pure girl, who only had good pure thoughts about good christian boys.

Fuck that. Looking back I clearly remember a few times when I found myself mystically drawn to another girl. Maybe something more than a standard girl crush. Now it’s nice give myself the freedom to explore those feelings. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m mostly a boring heterosexual female. I don’t think I would enjoy same-sex sex, but I’m keeping an open mind since I have this idea that I shouldn’t knock it until I try it (in my case). I didn’t think I would like kissing girls until I kissed one. Who knows. 

O is supportive of any curiosity I might have. It’s so underrated to have people in your life who just allow you to be you, without explanation or reason to justify yourself. 

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Do you see it?

I look like Tia and Tamera. The girl circled in red looks like me. I have a sister. Tia and Tamera are sisters. BOOM.

All of this means nothing. I should really be studying…

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My nutrition professor is throwing so much shade at the sport science majors who think we should have a 50% protein diet.
One lady said she adds extra fiber supplements to her food to make herself feel full and not over eat. She was expecting the professor to agree (since fiber is a good thing), but she was just like, “I don’t need to trick my body into thinking I am full. I have self control.”

Needless to say everyone hates her or thinks she is batshit. I just want to be her. 

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