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lifeofjellz will need to change her blog name soon. Drunk Janell told too many people about this blog and now I need to fix that. I just don’t know what to change it to…

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Found this gem, look at my face😂💃👅 #keepingthedrepgamestrong

Tell me why my cousin cropped out the group photo before he sent it to me??

No break lights.

I made the entire four hour drive home without functioning brake lights. I had to use the emergency light every time I braked and someone was behind me. But that was not much of a problem since I left at 2 am on a Tuesday. I was the only driver on the road 95% of the time. 

I know, it was dangerous. But it’s all fixed now. 

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My Osprey Kyte 32L pack!

Travel. I need to go already.

I’m sick of just having wanderlust. I need to go, see, taste. 

I get flight benefits though my mother and it’s time I start using them. It’s way too sweet of an offer to pass up and who knows how long she’ll have this job. All I have to do is pay the flight taxes and fly standby. That’s 9% of the full ticket cost.

I also finally got around to renewing my passport. It should be here by October.

I’m going to slowly buy the things I would need over the next three months so I don’t have have any other expenses. I want to travel light. So far I bought the Kyte 36L pack from Osprey (which will double over for camping) and a travel micro fiber towel. I want to have everything ready so I can just go when I have the time.

I’m also going to set aside 50$ a month for a travel fund. If I open an account at the credit union on campus they also give me 200$ just for signing up! So even if I don’t get to leave the country in 2014 I’ll have enough saved up to go on a mini adventure within the country.

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This is my best friend since middle school. We use to draw comics and pass them to each other between class. Now she has been married for two years and is expecting a daughter in December! Even though we hardly see each other we still share some of the same old mannerisms.

Together we learned some pretty important life lessons. 

There are so many things I could talk about, so many memories I could try to narrate. All in all she is one of the three people I have loved the most in my life.

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Going vegetarian.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do since high school, but I never thought I could do it. I’m doing it for the animal, environmental, and health benefits the most. I’ve already eaten all the meat I have except a couple cans of chicken soup. I’m going to let myself cheat before September first, but after that I will go meatless for a month and check back in after that to see how I’m feeling about it. 

My nutrition class is going to help me stay motivated I can already tell, but still wish me luck. I’ll need it. 

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Guess who just got a raise

This chick is rollin’ in a whole $8 an hour now. 

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Hand problems.

I have terrible wrist and hand pains all the time. It started in high school then suddenly grew much worse after I started my old job as a cashier. It’s a mix of  juvenile arthritis and carpal tunnel. It affects how long I can do activities like typing, writing, and fine motor movements. My pointer and middle finger cramp and disjoint multiple times a day and it is very, very painful. I cannot open lids and water bottles. I cannot clinch my fist without my pointer finger dislocating. I can’t use my right pointer finger to type or scroll with my mouse. On the bright side its’s been five years and I think I finally found a few to tricks to ease the pain. My doctor was no help.

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I’ve gotten rid of half of the stuff I’ve owned over the last two weeks. I still have too much. I’ve wanted to get rid of most of the junk I collected over the years and I finally got around to it. Now everything I own can fit into my car again if I wanted to pack it all up, except my kitchen table.  

The biggest change in this was my wardrobe. I hated most of my clothes or I don’t wear them. I just want clothes I like to wear and feel match my personality a bit more. Something easy and simple. I’m a total sucker for buying poor quality stuff I don’t need on clearance racks. I’ve bought so many items that are three sizes to big thinking I could make it work because it was pretty. But no more! I’m going to purchase clothing more mindfully now with specific items in mind. I’ve done some pinterest research about how to build a capsule minimalist wardrobe. I’m going to follow those rules so I can have everything match everything else, and not stress about what to wear every morning. And for everything new I thing I buy I will get rid of something old.

I already feel refreshed and less cluttered. This is definitely a life style I want to pursue further. 

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Classes started last Thursday.

I’m taking nutrition, philosophy, microbiology, Sex/gender/culture, and sociology. All of these are prerequisites for another nursing school. I’m really excited for all of them! The only one I’m disliking at the moment is sociology because the prof is a “strong believer” with “strong faith” as she repeated multiple times during the first lecture. Instead of being intolerant I’ll use it as a growing experience. I just need to be patient and not let something so little ruin what is going to be a really great class. 

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Excuse my hiatus

I’ll try to post about the following in detail later, but this is a short version of what has happened the last few weeks.

Basically I tried to enjoy my six days of summer. Eh.

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I am taking an anthropology class in Sex, Gender, and Culture and I am so envious of the other sociology and anthropology majors. I’m jealous for the love they hold for their major and the passion at which they speak out the topics the get to learn about. Most of them have the same wanderlust that I do, but plans to make it happen.

I don’t feel the same way about nursing at all. I’m only banking that once I graduate and get use to the field that I’ll enjoy the work and benefits. I feel like I’m the only person stressing about providing for my future kids I want. Stressing to the point where I stick with a major with more financial stability. Am I crazy?

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Anonymous: do you consider yourself an atheist now?

I do and I don’t. I would say I’m an Agnostic Atheist or a Naturalist right now. I can’t say certainly that there is no God beyond any doubt, but I’m not against the idea that some sort of force that we would label as God might exist. There is so much more to the universe than what we as humans can measure, so there is so much we’ll never know. I wouldn’t give anyone a definite answer to this question with knowing all the information. I say I am a naturalist because not knowing something doesn’t mean we can label those things as supernatural or divine. I don’t believe there are exceptions to the laws of the universe. However, I can say beyond a doubt that current religious ideas of God are widely inaccurate. There MAY be some truth to it, but they’ve added on to it and stretched whatever they think they might know. Most of it is garbage.

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