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Anonymous: do you consider yourself an atheist now?

I do and I don’t. I would say I’m an Agnostic Atheist or a Naturalist right now. I can’t say certainly that there is no God beyond any doubt, but I’m not against the idea that some sort of force that we would label as God might exist. There is so much more to the universe than what we as humans can measure, so there is so much we’ll never know. I wouldn’t give anyone a definite answer to this question with knowing all the information. I say I am a naturalist because not knowing something doesn’t mean we can label those things as supernatural or divine. I don’t believe there are exceptions to the laws of the universe. However, I can say beyond a doubt that current religious ideas of God are widely inaccurate. There MAY be some truth to it, but they’ve added on to it and stretched whatever they think they might know. Most of it is garbage.

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No one in my family can effectively communicate.

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At least my hair will look decent in my new passport photo. #mugshot

oh how I have missed you, dear tumblr.

I wish I could say my hiatus was over, but now that I’m done with summer classes I only have a week and a half off before fall starts. I’m leaving tonight for a four hour drive home to see my family for the first time since Christmas.

I will make one real post for you soon though.

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O’s dad is in town for a month.

His dad lives and works in Kurdistan. He is Muslim and believes O and his sister are too. Dating is a very touchy subject, and by touchy I mean his dad would not approve of any one who was not Muslim and Kurdish. Or dating in general. His dad had an arranged marriage.

Long story short O can’t tell his dad about me. It’s not a big deal right now. If we were getting married or something that would be different. I’ve meet everyone else in his family and they really like me. 

His dad usually takes his car while he is here so that means less O time for me.

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My boss loves me. She tells me all the time how well I am doing and that I am the best student employee she has ever had. It’s nice to be appreciated. I worked with some of the other work studies and it so strange how they lack basic life skills. I don’t say this to sound mean, but it’s the most basic of things. Eye contact, saying thank you, how to answer a phone- its really not that hard.

EDIT. Said girl has now been fired and is now pulling the race hard. No no no.  

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He’s cutting his hair soon. I’m really happy about it, but i’ll miss it sometimes. 

Sometimes when you guys ask me something and I type back a long response I will anon it to myself so I can post the answer publicly to my blog. 

I ain’t about to let all that typing go to waste. 

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"Be proud of your place in the Cosmos. It is small, and yet, it is."

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Little things

This post is for myself, feel free to read it though. It’s just updates on the fam. 

My sister A just finished her time with AmerCorps and his back home! She doesn’t miss the mosquitoes. 

My sister C is being relocated from California to some place new. I should have visited her more. 

My bother J has saved up money from his first job (KFC- haha, it must run in the family) and bought a motorcycle. 

My brother S broke his arm in three places during soccer. My mother doesn’t feed him well. I swear we were all malnourished as children. 

My brother T moved into a new apartment so he isn’t down the street from our house anymore. 

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I definitely live vicariously though all the people I follow on tumblr. Whenever I am interested in something I search the tags for people doing that thing. It’s how I found many of you awesome folks, between nursing students to au pairs. Now I really want to follow someone who is a flight attendant or pilot, but the only thing I can find in the tags is porn and travel rants. Sigh. 

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The old scene preteen me took some pretty weird selfies in high school. This is what it looks like when you have a camera, took an art class, and were identity searching. I didn’t want to post these because I didn’t want you guys to think I was a weirdo… oh well. 

I guarantee I have more embarrassing childhood photos than 97% of you. 

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Drunk Janell believes she has a spot on ghetto Dora the explorer accent. Like one of the best accents you’ve ever heard.

Drunk Janell needs to reevaluate some things, because that accent is the most horrid drunken-slurred dragged out deep voice ever. 

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Watercoloring with the roomie and boyfriend

My third-ish job was at HEB grocery store. It was like heaven after working at KFC. The managers had a zero tolerance for any type of harassment. I worked with a bunch of high school and college kids that made the job awesome. We took trips to the beach, amusement parks, and even had company picnics that were pretty great. This is where I meet the guy who took my to prom and also my first serious-ish relationship. People would always come into the store and tell me I looked like the Tia and Tamara twins. 

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